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Hagrid's India Adventures

posted Sep 2, 2012, 12:31 PM by Navnit Dosanjh   [ updated Sep 8, 2012, 3:14 PM ]
We're finally back from our travels from India. We had a fantastic time and learned so much about ourselves, others and the world. We had a very transformative experience. Hagrid insisted that we create a slideshow for all of you. 


Lesson #1- I want to nurture the Indian notion of community and hospitality
This is what I miss the most about India. I felt so connected and cared for by everyone over there. People treated me like family and I really felt it in my entire being. I especially felt so taken care of when I became extremely sick in Ladakh during our second visit. Our friends Tenzin and Geshe Tsultrim visited often and brought doctors and medicine to help us heal. I was especially touched by their meditations to help us heal, which really helped! The staff at the hotel checked in on us and brought us food and water to our room even at crazy hours.

Lesson #2- Happiness can show up in the most surprising places
Our visit to the sacred holy village of Alchi brought much joy. We visited our Geshe’s home and his family welcomed us with delicious food, butter/mint tea and treated us with so much kindness. They insisted on dressing us up in their traditional Ladakhi clothing. I felt transformed into a Ladakhi girl. It was absolutely heartwarming to be with them in this way. We went on to visit several buddhist temples and monasteries. My heart ached not with sadness but with joy when we were inside. The energy of the place was so serene, grounding and ancient. I remember saying on the bus, “I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. I’m here where I belong in a sense--my real home. 

Lesson #3 - I am Universal
The Golden Temple was not at all what I expected. From the moment I stepped into the presence of the temple, I was truly overwhelmed with emotion. I felt the devotion of true Sikhs. They were all around doing Seva and worshipping. It was so different from some of my disillusioning experiences back home where some people are more concerned with superficial things than with spiritual connection. In Amritsar, my entire being was vibrating with life. I felt a shimmery, tingly feeling in my feet which spread through my entire body. As night fell and we listened to the religious text, I became mesmerized by the water and the moon. I felt as though the glistening light and the water was speaking to me. It was telling me I am a Sikh. I am Universal. I saw my root religion in a new light.

Lesson #4- It’s possible to live without technology
I forgot some important things at home during my packing prior to the trip. So I lived without some forms of media that usually dominate my life like my Macbook Pro, iPad, cell phone, and camera charger. It was hard at first to not be constantly connected to my email, texting and the internet but at some point I just let it go. I actually came into the moment and became more present with my daily experiences in India. I wasn’t constantly checking my phone and was more connected with people. I did check my email and class blog a few times, but in general I experienced what it means to be unplugged. It was refreshing and eye-opening. I would really recommend it for anyone who wants to see life through a different lens.