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Books Give Us Wings
(BGUW) is a school wide reading program. Students are encouraged to read 20 nights out of a month for 20 minutes. Prizes are awarded to a member of each class every month for meeting this goal. This further supports our school literacy goal.

Student Awards
Students are recognized for demonstrating good citizenship. Students who demonstrate behaviour which shows consideration for others, service to the school, and helping others may be recognized with a Gold Star Award. These awards are posted for 2-4 weeks and then given to students to take home to share with their parents.

Student Leadership
The Student Leadership Program is a new initiative which will provide opportunities for 40 students (Grades 5 to 7) to excel and develop their skills in the areas of technology, athletics, events management and leadership. We are looking forward to working with our student leaders.

Punjabi Language Program
In the Provincial K-12 Education Plan, students are required to take a second language from grade 5 through 8 (4 consecutive years).

Students in grade 5, 6 and 7, may choose to enroll in a Punjabi Language Class - instead of a regular class that offers French. One class at each of the grade levels 5, 6 and 7 will offer the Punjabi Language Program.

Core Music Program (K to Grade 4)
Core Music is a Ministry curriculum requirement for students in Kindergarten to Grade 4. All students in those grades are required to take Core Music.

Band Program
The Surrey School District elementary band program is designed for Grade 7 children. A component of the Fine Arts Strand, this program is delivered by specialist teachers. In keeping with the Ministry’s Principles of Learning, it is a child-centred program in which children are introduced to the challenges of a band experience.

Band will be offered at Strawberry Hill providing there is a sufficient number of students enrolling in the program. Where possible, Westerman and Strawberry Hill students may be combined to form a viable class.