Hedwig's Wise Owl Award

“It is our choices... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 
                      - Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts

The Wise Owl is awarded to the student who has best exhibited one or more of the following qualities:

 Has a positive attitude  Is a good citizen  Shows improvement  Works to her or his potential
 Listens attentively  Helps others  Goes above and beyond  Contributes to the community
 Is ready to learn  Demonstrates leadership  Shows academic progress  Respects: self, others, & property

 CLASS OF 2011/2012  
 January 2012  Jasleen
 February 2012  Jayden
 March 2012      Jessica
 April  2012  Esha
 May  2012 Muskan
 June 2012  Hamiz

 CLASS OF 2012/2013
 October 2012Esha 
 November 2012Amolik 
 December 2012Sadia    
 January 2013Khadija 
 February 2013Palak 
 March 2013Anshdeep 
 April  2013Sameer
 May  2013Raju    
 June 2013Salman 

CLASS OF 2014/2015  
January 2015  Puneet 
February 2015  Sumaiyah
March 2015  Sahar
April 2015 Jaskaran
May 2015   -
June 2015   -

CLASS OF 2015/2016  
November 2015 Deepshikha
January 2016 Manraj
March 2016  Khalil
June 2016Jia

CLASS OF 2016/2017 
January 2017Aashiya
February 2017 Muhsin
April 2017Yasin
June 2017Arjun

CLASS OF 2017/2018 
March 2018Sahibjit
April 2018Johanpreet
May 2018Jeevan 
June 2018Mohammed

CLASS OF 2018/2019  
January 2019 Jasmeet 
February 2019  Arman
March 2019   Japneet
April 2019Shayna
May 2019 Harman 
 June 2019 Jasraj

CLASS OF 2019/2020  
January 2020 Hafsah
February 2020 Sophia

CLASS OF 2020/2021 
February 2021 Sahej
March 2021 Tanvir
April 2021Gurnoor
May 2021Gurshanvir
 June 2021  Ibrahim

Whooooo will be our next wise owl?  

CLASS OF 2021/2022 
January 2022Gurnoor 
February 2022 Anahat
March 2022Shaina
April 2022Tarek
 May 2022 Gurneet
June 2022Kiran  
Whooooo will be our next wise owl? 
Wise Owl winners also receive a specially made certificate commemorating his or her Wise Owl Student achievement.